Resting Sunday

Rest. That is of what today consisted. It was a glorious day.

After an extremely busy week a choice was made. Mainly for the sake of our introverted toddler. I could see the weariness from the go-go-go we’d had all week. If something didn’t break the cycle, we’d soon have a melt down on our hands.


Being aware of this, I made the choice. We had to cancel the original plans for today. After church, we came home so he could rest. His entire being could rest.

Little did I know just how good today was going to be for me.

Sure I knew I was wearing down to, but I can handle myself better. That’s just what I was going to do. That which I always do, grit down, bear it and continue pressing on.

Mid way through the afternoon I noticed something. Something I wouldn’t have seen had we been on the go. Cuddled up with my husband, our handsome boy curled up by my feet, I felt complete.

For the first time in a long time, there was peace. No real longing for any specific thing. Not looking ahead to this next step or that one there. Just a sense of my soul saying it is well. 

Not that we’re at the end of our journey, not by a long shot, I hope. Just that for now, we are well. No matter what is or isn’t happening in our life, we are living, breathing and growing. A reminder that together we draw strength to face whatever life throws at us.

Despite the uncertainty. The hopes and dreams have. Whether or not those happen. So long as we, together, cling to God, the one who so closely knit our hearts, we will not only survive, but we will thrive.

I haven’t written much this year. I started the year with a challenge of treating everyday with the attitude of adventure. It’s been a doozy of a year so far. From having dejavu hit like a ton of bricks with every step we’ve taken. To laying down dreams that seemed to be engraved on the heart. 


Instead picking up the lens of blessings. Everyday, amazed at the little things that were missed. Missed spent longing for something to which we weren’t entitled.

Living this life, reclaiming issues. Not for them to define, or even to direct the path. Claiming them in order to surrender them to the One who can bring ultimate healing from them. Both physically and emotionally.

However, rarely will those come before spiritual healing. Which is usually where we really need it.


If we’re honest

Lately a song with this title has been playing on the radio. It quickly became one of my absolute favorites. The anthem I want to be true in every relationship I have.

Listen to it here and then come back:If we’re honest

Francesca Battestelli does such an amazing job conquering this subject. The message, so raw. The concept, so simple. The action, not so easy. The reality, so scary.

Finding people who are honest is hard to do anymore. In fact, those who pride themselves on it, typically go about it in an off putting manor.One that looks very much like the world in which we are called to live in, but look nothing like.

Repeatedly, the claims of being real and honest come. When we sit and chat, we find out that yes, they are those things, but the truth, realness and honesty is rarely done from a place of love, grace and wisdom.

Striving to live a life completely real is brave. However, living a real life requires more than just saying everything and anything on one’s mind to anyone and every one around. Quite frankly, there are people who are not in the place (mentally, spiritual, emotionally) to be able to handle it at that time.

The best way to live an honest, real and open life is to do so from a mindset of constant prayer. By asking God for the wisdom to speak what needs to be said, as well as when and how to say it, we set ourselves up for a much better reception from the person we’re talking to. Only the Holy Spirit can confirm when another spirit is primed for this type of communication.

I have both made the mistake of speaking just to be heard, right, or just to simply have the last word as well as waited for the right words, at the right time, from the right place (of mind and heart). I can tell you, the latter is always more satisfactory. Not just for the one speaking, but for the one who is on receiving end.

I challenge you, as you go about your day, week, month and so on to consider this before speaking:0ptimized-Featured-Image_Eph4_15NIV-760x570

For me, this tells me that one sign of maturity is speaking the truth. More than that, though, it’s doing so as Christ did. Not to be right, not to prove a point, but with all the love and concern for the other person’s growth as primary goal.

As I mentioned before, I have done both ways. Speaking just to speak, but also waiting for the Spirit to lead me to speak. Case and point with my accountability partner, there have been times when my words made her mad because I was just speaking without thinking. On the other side, there are times that she says she’s mad, but it’s because the words resonated with her spirit and often times confirmed what her spirit had been telling her. Typically the latter falls on a perceptive heart and she comes back grateful.

Friends, I challenge you. In all of your relationships, pray first (for as long as you need to) before speaking. One of the most effective methods I have found is praying that if it is indeed something that needs said, that God himself give you the words. On the flip side, if it’s something that doesn’t need said and will only add insult to injury that God put his hand over my big mouth. For often it’s better to say nothing at all and just let the topic rest until the Spirit prompts.