Family, for many is the group of people in which you were raised. For others, it’s the group of people who have been chosen as your support group. For few, it includes both of those groups.

I’m one of the lucky ones in the last group. I have had amazing support systems growing up. As a young girl, it was a church family which sustained me when home life was less than predictable. Now, a church family who challenges, encourages, loves and supports us.

While there have been several that have come and gone who I would have considered family at one point, there is one that has remained consistent. Through thick and thin, she’s been there. Lucky for me, she falls into both biological family and chosen family.


This lady has been a source of strength for me. Because of her, I have faced some fears I never thought I’d conquer. Always my biggest cheerleader. Even when we have differing opinions, nothing has been able to break the bond.

The last several years have brought huge changes for both of us. Between marriages, a kiddo (who also adores his auntie B) and the all around busyness of life, we’ve always made the time and always will.

There are so many memories, it would take days to write then all down. From playing together as kids, to our weddings. Each one more special than the last.

For all you’ve done. For all you’re doing. For all you will do. With all that I am, thank you. I love you, Beka! Forever and always. No matter what.