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Everything Glorious

I’ve heard this song before. Countless times, actually. We’ve done it in worship. My guess is that you have as well.

The issue is this, when I find myself singing it, I’m not sure if I truly believe the words coming out of my mouth. How often do I fall into the trap? Thinking of myself as less than glorious. Forgetting that when I was created, I was created beautiful. Created for a purpose. That this life is not a pointless ride from day to day. Rather, each day given is a chance to show the world that the God who created each one of us, created us glorious. Just as He is.

Today, today was different. You see, through worship I had our little man with me. Not wanting to go play with his friends in the nursery, he chose to sit in service with mommy. During this song, I had him on my hip, we were dancing, swaying back and forth, together.

As we sang, “He makes everything glorious/and I am Yours/what does that make me?” I found myself lightly squeezing my toddler’s leg. Emphasizing that he was indeed made glorious. Even through the hardest days, I’m constantly amazed at how amazing he was made.

That’s when I felt the message. One of the rare times, I can honestly say, it was an audible voice. I heard my creator say, “You are, too. When all you can see are your faults, your inadequacies, and your fears, all I can see is your beauty, your purpose and your accomplishments. When will you start to see yourself like this?”

It brings tears to my eyes. Just thinking about it. How can I effectively show others Christ’s love, grace and acceptance if I haven’t embraced them myself? The honest truth is, I can’t.

So today, I’m reclaiming these truths. That I am glorious, because I belong to the Creator and I know that everything He makes is glorious.

I’m tired of living outside of this truth, it’s time to take on this new identity and let it transform me day in and day out.

What have you been learning?

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