Everything Glorious

I’ve heard this song before. Countless times, actually. We’ve done it in worship. My guess is that you have as well.

The issue is this, when I find myself singing it, I’m not sure if I truly believe the words coming out of my mouth. How often do I fall into the trap? Thinking of myself as less than glorious. Forgetting that when I was created, I was created beautiful. Created for a purpose. That this life is not a pointless ride from day to day. Rather, each day given is a chance to show the world that the God who created each one of us, created us glorious. Just as He is.

Today, today was different. You see, through worship I had our little man with me. Not wanting to go play with his friends in the nursery, he chose to sit in service with mommy. During this song, I had him on my hip, we were dancing, swaying back and forth, together.

As we sang, “He makes everything glorious/and I am Yours/what does that make me?” I found myself lightly squeezing my toddler’s leg. Emphasizing that he was indeed made glorious. Even through the hardest days, I’m constantly amazed at how amazing he was made.

That’s when I felt the message. One of the rare times, I can honestly say, it was an audible voice. I heard my creator say, “You are, too. When all you can see are your faults, your inadequacies, and your fears, all I can see is your beauty, your purpose and your accomplishments. When will you start to see yourself like this?”

It brings tears to my eyes. Just thinking about it. How can I effectively show others Christ’s love, grace and acceptance if I haven’t embraced them myself? The honest truth is, I can’t.

So today, I’m reclaiming these truths. That I am glorious, because I belong to the Creator and I know that everything He makes is glorious.

I’m tired of living outside of this truth, it’s time to take on this new identity and let it transform me day in and day out.

I Still Do

Six years ago.


We had most of the odds against us. Two kids – because let’s face it, that’s what we were – from broken families. We had barely stepped into this phase of life called adulthood. We pushed against all we knew and we’re determined to find own way.

We’ve had our ups and downs. Our lows knit us together even more. The highs have reminded us of all our dreams we set out toward. We’ve had to face possibly saying goodbye to dreams. Just as we’ve seen new dreams arise.


Before we even said “I do” we had faced some hard issues. Through it all we’ve known our dreams of happiness and harmony wasn’t what was going to keep us together. It was the fact that God brought us together.

Today, on our six year anniversary, if I had a do over, I can honestly say, I’d still say I do all over.

I love you, Kev. I’ve loved being able to see you grow into the man you are today. I’m excited to see the man God will continue to mold you into.


It brings me great joy to see you be a daddy and I look forward to many more memories to cherish. As a husband and wife. As well as a mommy and daddy duo.


In their shoes

Standing there, waiting, watching. Some around in tears, others yelling judgements, and still others are standing in utter disbelief. All waiting impatiently for something to happen…anything.

Suddenly the one everybody is waiting for comes out. Hesitant. The thing that is being commanded by the loudest in the crowd, goes against every fiber of ones being.

Suddenly a scape goat comes to mind. It’s tradition to set one free. Yes, that’s the answer. Then suddenly, no it can’t be! tThey’d rather have a true criminal. Instead of making the hard decision, the crowd is allowed to decide what they really want.

They want the criminal free, and the blameless to be put to death.

Severly beaten, bruised and bloody Blameless was forced to journey to the place of demise. It was going to be a long journey. To top it off, the very instrument to be used, was upon his back.

Yet, Blameless chose to take this on. There is no recorded words spoken through the journey. In the face of the mockery and torment, he stood in silence.

He knew it was the best and only way. The only way for God to save his people, the ultimate way to display the love they’ve always been taught about. There was no other option. He trusted the Father’s plan.

In fact, the only recorded words were those displaying love and power. The first, ensuring his mother would be taken care of in the years to come. The other is showing his power over the flesh.

Once those simple three words were said, it got dark. Shock and awe spread across the crowd. Sadness swooped over some. Others were skeptical.

Once the day was over, I’d imagine that it didn’t feel so much like a good Friday. In fact, the only reason we can call it Good Friday today is because we know the rest of it. We know that Sunday is coming. What a glorious day it will be for the believers. What a glorious day it remains.

Refreshing the Mission

It’s been two months since I last shared my heart with you all. I can’t really say for sure what kept me from this place. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to post, there has been so many subjects come across my mind and heart.

Even still, the time wasn’t quite right.

One thing, over all the others, that I desire for this haven is for it to be a place full of God’s truth and grace. As many of us do, I long to only follow the Spirit’s leading when posting. If I fail to wait on the right time, the words will fall short of the mission set before them. If I wait too long, they will have no bearing, no purpose, no passion.

Over the last couple months, I have experienced high highs and low lows. While there were plenty of post headings that came to mind, there was little substance behind them. Catch phrases that I’d cling to, yet they’d dissipate as quickly as they came.

I feel it’s time to redefine the mission behind this place I’ve called home. I still want it to be a place where we can join together and seek the God we serve. I still desire the vulnerability that has been welcomed.

However, I dream of so much more. I dream of this being a place that we can all call home. That the comment section not be just a place for feel good comments, but rather, more of a discussion board. One with mutual respect that overflows with grace.

Lastly, I continue to dream that this be a place where we come to be challenged, loved, and known.

What this road will look like, I do not know. How this will play out is still a mystery. What I do know is that this small address has shared some of the best and worst times of my adult life. Through it all God has used this to but only uplift myself, but to challenge and convict me as well. That is a journey I look forward to continuing here, with all of you.

We are in this together.