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Finding Balance

Since the holidays, I’ve been feeling off kilter. Not the normal post holiday blues. This one has been hitting a little more each day.

To say this month has had it’s twists and turns would be an understatement. Through all the things that seem to be coming this way, I realize that now is the best time to start implementing my best yes.

I knew there was a reason for that book.

The word I was given this year was self. Walking into it I thought I knew what it meant. In my mind, it meant getting in shape, eating better, getting into a better groove with my quiet time, rediscovering passions and hobbies. All good things.

I’m learning that this season is going to be one of evaluating. What have I said yes to that, while essentially good, isn’t a yes I need to follow. What things do I, at least for a season, need to give up. Where have I over committed myself? How does saying yes to _________ impact my well being? My family.


This season won’t be an easy one. I like to say yes to things that interest me, but I need to say no, or not now, to some things. That is okay. It’s more than okay, it’s great.


This year, my word is self. The more I think about it, the more I discuss it with others, I need to focus as much on my family as I do myself. I need to learn to say no to things that will take too much time away from them.

While still focusing on becoming a healthier me, I also need to make an effort to be a healthier family. Spend time with the amazing husband I’ve been blessed with. Play with and teach our too-smart-for-his-age two year old. Family nights. Date nights. Me night. All these things play into rediscovering self.

How has your new year shaped up so far?

What have you been learning?

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