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Good bye buddy

Never did I realize just how much of an impact it would have. I walked into a house with some very special people living there. Not quite knowing what to expect. Each one of the guys touched my heart in a way only they can.

You, however, not only touched, but nestled your way in. Took up residence. Showed me a simpler side of life.

While always tossing challenges at me. Slipping out of sight quicker than one could blink. Chasing you to opposite ends of the house, park, wherever else we might be. We even joked about you being my workout plan while carrying my son.

I’ll never forget the sniffs followed by your signature “oo smell…” followed by one of a dozen different things. McDonald’s was a favorite. The zoo, mall and van ride close after. However, beyond anyone’s doubt, Your favorite was cherry coke. All rushed together to where only those who had been around you for a while understood.

Three and a half years of consistent work. There were many achievements made by both of us. Perhaps the biggest one came about year two and a half. When you would come, smell my head, sit next to me, hold my hand and tell me of what I smelled. Or occasionally what activity you’d enjoy next.

When I heard of your passing. Shock, disbelief and sorrow all hit simultaneously. As the last couple days have gone on, reality has set in. Hard as it is, I know you’re better now. You now know no limitations. You’re free. For that we have no greater joy.

Rest in peace big guy.

Enjoy a cherry coke for me. Perhaps a cheeseburger and french fries too.


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