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Break it down

This song has been around for a while now. Every time I hear it, one line makes me stop. Before we get to that, let me share the song that brings this post to being.

This really is an amazing song! There is so much truth found throughout this song. There are so many little nuggets, each line could spin a post itself. However, there is one song that strikes my core every single time I hear it. Every. Single. Time.


As I worshiped with my family yesterday, my mind began to mull over the meaning of this phrase. I found myself finding synonyms for each word. In order to better digest what exactly was expressed in this phrase.

While these words are a beautiful, let’s boil a couple of these down.

Affliction is a condition/cause of pain, suffering, or distress.

Eclipse means to obscure (to make dim or indistinct) or darken.

Glory is majestic beauty and splendor.

Just breaking down the meaning of those three words has put this phrase into better perspective for me.

I feel that  far too often I just sing the words in a song without really stopping to think about what I’m actually singing and agreeing to. For me,  I want to be more intentional to breaking this sort of thing down. Whether it be songs, quotes or scriptures. Especially scriptures.

Perhaps that’s what I’ll start to use this space for more. A place to sit down, redefine and explain these sorts of things more.

What have you been learning?

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