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Thriving through change {Day 17}

Those days when foreseen changes hit. The times we feel like we’re prepared for the next step. Only to find out…we aren’t.

When the news comes, or the situation shifts, or someone pulls back, we are baffled. Not in the why, but by how unprepared we really are. The changes that we expected just leave us feeling like we’d been punched in the gut.

Have you been there? Me too.

It’s in these times that I’ve seen memorized scriptures do what only they can. They come back to mind, the bandage the wound, and begin to heal. Whether or not it directly correlates to the situation or not, scripture brings with it peace, joy and healing.

Don’t have any scripture memorized? That’s okay. Because even just reading a verse or two, writing it down on a notecard where you’re sure to see it, or listening to scripture based songs are all fantastic ways to get scripture into your heart and mind. I’m pretty sure that once you start reading, you’ll realize you really do have scripture memorized, but in quote/saying form that you never knew was truly scripture.

How has scripture helped you through change?


What have you been learning?

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