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Thriving through Change {Day 12}

The heaviness of change effects all of us differently. While being comfortable is something we all crave, it is not something that will settle for long. Just as soon as we start to feel comfortable is typically when change happens — or needs to happen.

This is especially true for those of us who are followers of God. We are told that we are not meant to me comfortable. In fact, we are told that we will be put through trials. We will be ridiculed. We will be beaten. If we are following hard after God, a few things are certain: we will rarely feel comfortable. Change will continually be happening. Rejection will come.

“Signing up” to follow God is a call that is guaranteed to be hard. In the end, it will be worth it. So much more than we can imagine. Following hard after God means we not only accept and submit to change, but we embrace it. We should be striving, day in and day out, to change. Not just for the sake of changing though. We should be chasing after the only change that will matter in the end, changing to be more like God.

This is a journey that will take the rest of our lives. We should always be running this race. Sometimes it will feel as though we take 1 step forward, but then 2 steps back. Friend, that’s okay. God knows our heart. After all, He created us for such a time as this. If we are trusting in Him, then the changes will not destroy us.


*This post is part of a 31 day series. Here is the list of posts in this series. I hope you’ll continue reading and join in this journey with me.

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