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Thriving Through Change {Day 9}

Change. The majority of us dread it. Especially when it’s a change that’s made for us. By someone else. Without our permission.

What’s worse is when the change made by someone else may be a small change, but causes major complications. Like the small stone tossed into water causes ripples that go on and on, so does the effects of this seemingly small change.

The thing is, unless we are in a healthy state, able to step back and assess the change, it’s likely to cause nothing but chaos. However, if we are focused on the One who is in control of everything under the sun, we often find peace we cannot explain. Sure, there may be momentary panic, but with a deep breath it dissolves.

We must let go of our desire to control everything. Surrender that control. If we do not, we will be strewn head over feet with every change – big or small.


I encourage you to take some time in prayer and ask God where you’re at and how you can handle change better.

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