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Thriving Through Change {Day 5}

Five days in already. There are so many types of change that we could discuss. I have decided to boil it down into the bigger categories. Today, we’ll look at the last of the categories.

Relational changes.

These, like the others, can swing from subtle changes to drastic changes. Going from acquaintance to friend, friend to best friend, and the like are along the more subtle changes. You have this friend and suddenly, it’s like they’re your sibling…closer than your sibling. This typically happens with time and shared experiences.

More drastic are when one friend moves away. A birth. A death. An end to a friendship. Beginning to date. Choosing not to any longer. Getting married. Divorced. As well as numerous other ways.

Some of these decisions are easier to make than others. Almost all, however, do have a lasting effect. Not just on one party, but on all invested in the relationship.

The key to thriving when relationships change is remembering the One who has promised us to always be the same.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

By remembering that God is always the same, that he will never leave, it makes it easier to trust him when our relationships with other people change.

For me, a memorable change took place 9 years ago today. Kevin and I officially moved from that awkward like each other, to dating phase. More recent, my relationships with two awesome ladies was redefined when myself and another friend both had job changes. So the three of us went from seeing each other 5 days a week to maybe a couple times a month. Another friendship, the one with my accountability partner, came back. We had taken a hiatus but (once this mandatory OT is over) we’re back in full swing. Excited to be walking life together again.

The bottom line being this, when we trust God’s will for our life, we are also giving him our relationships as well. He will prune the unhealthy ones and nurture the healthy ones. But first, we have to let go of our two fisted grip on our relationships and give Him the opportunity to do so.

My friend, is it time to let go of our draw to control over our relationships so that some may fall apart, that other (more fitting ones) may fall together?


*This post is part of a 31 day series. Here is the list of posts in this series. I hope you’ll continue reading and join in this journey with me.

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