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Thriving through change {Day 4}

This next change is one that usually starts with a decision and adjusts depending on several factors.

Spiritual change is similar to mental change in the sense that what we focus on, how we spend our time, and the choices we make impact it immensely. Not only that but it is sometimes hard to gauge exactly where we are. In fact, often the only way we have any inclination is from hind sight and insight from others close to us.

The biggest thing I’ve found to help us close friends. More importantly, my accountability partner. I have no doubt that the change in my spiritual life wouldn’t be good if it weren’t for having someone I trust to completely confide in. Someone who knows what’s going on without me even having to say anything.

Spiritual change is a vital part of life. One we need to have a grasp on. We need to be taking steps to ensure that we are staying consistent.

Remembering that it is okay to let someone in. One who won’t hurt out of spite, but speak the hard truths in love. Someone we can do the same for. Even if it’s met with a tongue sticking out because it’s not what we want to hear but we know it’s what we need to hear.


What would you say is the most important tool for you to keep tabs on how you’re doing spiritually?

*This post is part of a 31 day series. Here is the list of posts in this series. I hope you’ll continue reading and join in this journey with me.

3 thoughts on “Thriving through change {Day 4}

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      When it comes to finding the tool that works best for you, I would recommend starting with prayer. Asking God to reveal what tool works best for yourself. Mine is accountability/mentorships. I know others who use journalling, blogging and the like. There are as many options as there are personalities. With prayer and research, I’m sure the perfect one will expose itself to you.

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