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Thriving through change {Day 2}

Welcome back! Yesterday we defined change. Today, we will be diving into one of the many ways we experience change. We’ll start with the most tangible way we experience change, physically. Our physical changes start before we are born. Even before any human is even aware of our existence.

We experience physical changes frequently. Whether it’s from gaining weight, losing weight, growing, shrinking. Going from hot to cold, hungry, thirsty, and the like. These things are just apart of our human existence. Most of these changes are manageable, predictable.

The hardest physical changes come when they’re unexpected, uncontrollable and unstoppable. The accident that takes away. The work related injury that takes us out of the working game. The surgery that ultimately changes the course of our life. The move that takes us away from all that is familiar, causing us to restart. The diagnosis that alters the family speechless and redefines what “normal” is for them. The temporary set back that moves our finish line to our goal back by days, weeks, months and sometimes years.

As I’m sure you’re aware, physical change can range in many ways. We’re looking here at both physical as in bodily, and physical as in location. Physical change hurts, often more than the rest. This type of change can be good or bad. Often it’s dependent on our choices. A direct consequence of our action — or inaction.

How can we possibly thrive in the face of physical changes? By relying on the One who holds us in his hands. When we choose to lean hard into the God who never changes, we can draw strength. When we seek His heart, we find the purpose behind the change. When we ugly cry out to Him, He is faithful to mend our broken hearts.

By breaking through our pride, humbling ourselves at His feet when it hurts, especially when these changes hurt, we will find healing. We will find mercy to take each day step by step. We will find help to hold our head up and smile.


*This post is part of a 31 day series. To find the entire list of posts please go to this post. I cannot wait to share this experience with you.

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