31 days series 2014

The last several years I have participated with hundreds, even thousands of other writers to write for 31 days on one subject.

The challenge, finding a subject. Making it broad enough to be able to make a post a day throughout October. Yet refined enough to remain focused, on topic and fluid day to day.

The topics range from something simple like music, to something more complex like keeping a tidy home. Or we see ones that are spiritually challenging like 31 days to prayer, yet still physically challenging like getting and staying fit. The options here are unending.

Usually come mid-August, something deep within reminds me that this challenge is coming. Something fanning the flame of a passion long before found. Then early September one of my many writer friends will post another reminder of this upcoming event. It’s then that the wheels really start turning.

The last couple days I’ve been sitting here, pondering, praying, waiting for what subject will be laid upon my heart. Late one night it comes to me. Something that most of us struggle with. I know few who are comfortable when it hits. Because it always comes. No one is spared from it.


This last year has been filled with change. It seems like it’s been filled with nothing besides change. Just when the ball starts rolling even slightly even again, more change hits again.

Which lead me to this subject. One that I’m still trying to figure out myself…


I hope you will join me.