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The new venture: day one

If I had just one word to describe today…it would be this:


The flow of new information was flooding in. By lunch my head was swimming. The afternoon helped my feet touch the ground. As it consisted mostly of traditional HR paperwork.

The most memorable part of today, happened shortly before lunch. We took another tour, this time of both facilities. We walked across the parking lot to the building I hadn’t been to yet.

Walked through the door, a very specific smell welcomed us. Well, welcoming to me. Probably not to most others. It was the very apparent smell of a machine shop.

As soon as the smell hit my nose a smile crept across my face. Memories from my childhood flooded in. Ones I had almost forgotten.

Suddenly I was taken back about 20 years. It’s late at night, instinctively I wake up. I wander downstairs to greet my daddy, who just walked in from work. Before he could even make it to change into his pj’s I was curled up on his lap almost back to sleep. Taking in that distinct smell.

I remember many times, especially when things got rough growing up, sitting in sadness. Wondering what was going to happen next. Where was this path taking me?”

As I laid there contemplating, that smell would waft in. Only daddy wasn’t there. It was something deep inside-or someone rather-reminding me that it would all be okay.

Today, that smell was very much physically present. It reminded me, again, that it will be okay. The smell brought a greater sense of peace. Showing me, in yet another way, that this is the right step for me. For my family.

What have you been learning?

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