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Team Awesome

To team awesome,

You know who you are.

Without you these last several months could have been a lot worse. Rather than dreading each day, it was possible to walk in with a smile. Just knowing there were others who cared as much helped tremendously.

This group has grown a bond. Deeper than any would have expected. There’s the run of the line. From mama down to baby girl.

While the transition phase will be hard, I am sure that this group will remain in tact. No question about it. Shifting will come and go with each new venture. So long as effort is made by all, we will not lose this family we have found.

So ladies.
To each of you.
For: allowing me in.
Accepting my quirks.
Helping me laugh
Being a reason to smile.
Always supporting.

My deepest thanks go to you.

Until we talk again. Which I know will be soon.

All my love.

What have you been learning?

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