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Five Minute Friday: Friend

I’ve been craving participating in a five minute Friday again. It’s been too, too long. It’s an old weekly link-up that I have truly missed. I pray that life may be settling down enough that I am able to begin taking part in this again.

If you haven’t heard about it, I encourage you to check out the home page. Every week there are hundreds of writers who dare to write without editing. To share our hearts on the given prompt. We’d love to have you join us.


I love today’s prompt, as I woke up with this e very concept on my mind.

Today’s prompt: FRIEND


Friends often come and go. It’s a rare gem to find one whom will last a life time. We never anticipate the ending of a friendship. Especially when they leave such a bitter taste in the mouth upon their exit.

We can be assured of this one thing, we have a Friend who will never leave us. He has promised that He will always be there. Always faithful, always ready to accept us, always willing to listen. Yet, so often, He’s the one we forget about.

We all know what we want from a friend. Do we really know how to be a friend? That’s almost just as simple. To be friends, we do life together. We allow another person to hunker down with us in life. In the good times. In the bad times.

As someone who has a hard time making friends, and keeping them, when I finally find a friend who I know I can count on, it’s a joyous day. I can thank my Father above that He has given me a handful of them. I am blessed to call them not only friends, but sisters in Him.



Cousins make great friends.

Even furry ones.

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Friend

  1. It truly is a rare gem when we find those “lifetime” friends. I love how you say we “hunker down” together…that is SOO true and such an great image of a good friend.

    Visiting from FMF! And I completely empathize with life being so crazy that it’s hard to get to these posts sometimes…but so worth it when we do!!! (:

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