It’s a process

Slowly it rolls in. Gaining a little more ground day by day. It’s a subtle shift really.

At first, it’s just a little fatigue. Then comes the constant boredom. After that lack luster motivation.

Little by little this beast consumes more and more.

Then one day, out of the blue, it seems to hit. Hobbies aren’t thrilling. Loves aren’t exciting. Interests have waned. Everything seems to have dried up.

Apathy is it’s greatest scheme. It’s a way to isolate. Apathy is where the floating begins. Each day comes and goes. Followed by another. They run together. Unable to clearly differentiate one from the other.

The good is tempered to the routine fine. The okay becomes bad. The bad becomes a disaster.

Quickly the sitting around feeling worse than before. Not knowing how the journey lead there. Wondering again how to tackle this all too familiar mountain.

Then the sun rises. The dull brightens. The haze dissipates. Passion returns. Purpose reignites.

Until then. In the in between. The choice is to self-isolate or to reach out and let someone else in. The hardest decision is typically the best route. If one is blessed, there will be someone on the other end that simply says, “we can do this.”

All we have to do is take the first step. No matter how small it may be.

Circle of moms

There’s this culture today. One that I have grown to despise. It’s made every aspect of life near unbearable.

The constant comparisons. The instant fighting. The constant battles.

This culture where competition is everything. Everyone is battling to be the best…or the least bad.

To be the best friend. The best sibling. The best wife. The best house keeper. The best mom.

The best mom.

Let that sink in. We are constantly finding ourselves in a race to be the best mom.

We, as women, have this constant pressure on us to have babies. Then once we get pregnant, there are a million new pressures placed on us (either my us, others or a combination of the two). Let’s keep going, then we have the baby and everyone has an opinion on what you should do or shouldn’t do. Then there’s the I you do x, y, or z, you’re gonna cause one of countless issues.

What is the point of it all? Why can’t we lay our own opinions aside and just be there for each other? To listen to another mom talk through her struggles and not try to fix it all or offer advice.

Moms make the choice that best fit their baby. The ones that work for their family. They know what has and hasn’t worked in their world.

Why can’t we just put our opinions aside and simply say, “I know it’s hard. I know you’re doing what you need to for your family. I am here to listen when you need it. No judgements, no solutions, just love and support.”

Mom’s it doesn’t have to be this way. We are all doing the best we can. Can we lay the battles aside and just support each other already?

The secret is, we are already the best mom we can be for our kids. For one simple fact, we were the one chosen to be mom of our child(ren).