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Emotional Triggers

Walking through this journey with some wonderful women has been eye opening. Even though I find myself still circling that same mountain. The wounds of defeat often getting deeper, more painful.

Then the spiral downward starts.

Defeat leads to self loathing. Self loathing ushers me into a pity party. Pity leads me to making irrational, emotional choices. Most of those involving food intake.

I know this battle with defeat can be has been won. So why does this mountain feel like it’s every growing before me?

Oh, that’s right, I always venture into this in my strength. As a fellow journeying friend said, I must learn to be more present in the Spirit. Only then will this become more than my battle.

4 thoughts on “Emotional Triggers

  1. Great honesty here Amy! I know you are not alone in this & your post will help others to not feel alone. Our own “strength” really gets us doesn’t it? Praying for His strength to be your portion & for the Holy Spirit to prompt you with reminders that helps you to BE in His presence & strength.
    Blessings to you,
    Katrina Wylie (OBS small group leader)

  2. Great honesty in your journey and you are not alone. All of us many times rely on our own strength. As you continue this journey may we journey together and seek and crave more of God and rely on His Strength to help us make healthy choices in all areas of our lives. Prayimg for you .
    Marilyn ( OBS Small Group Leader )

  3. Hang in there, Amy! The beauty of being on the same mountain is knowing the terrain. You can see the triggers, you can know the result if the downward spiral is allowed to continue. And you know your God will meet you there. You can do this through Christ, as you mentioned that struggle comes when trying to do it in your own strength. Know that others share these feelings! Check out my #beneficial post at: http://www.groundswellministries.org/2014/02/19/on-that-which-is-beneficial/

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