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Little Steps

Back in December, many of you may remember that I changed jobs. I started working at another company in my field. I quickly fell in love. With the company, with the clients, and found a renewed purpose of my calling to work with people who have special needs. It spurred on several posts, that I’m sure you remember.:

Why I Adopted The People First Philosophy

What I’ve Learned

While I have cherished all the people, experience and all that the new company has given me in this brief amount of time, it is time to readjust my career once more. This time a step forward. While it may look like a step back to most, I know in the deepest part of my soul that this is one step to this God-sized dream. There is more peace than one can even begin to describe in this.

You see, this week started a new chapter for our family. My beloved husband was faced with a hard choice when his company decided to eliminate his FT status at the start of April, meaning it would be the end of our benefits. The question was to wait it out to see if something opened up here, or do we start looking elsewhere to keep him within a company he loves and that treats us well.

A week or so after finding out he got word of a maintenance tech position opening up in town. Torn with not wanting to leave the crew he enjoyed working with and really needing our benefits to continue, he decided to apply for it. Within a day or two, he was called for an interview for a maintenance tech. He had the interview Monday of last week. Accepted the position (technically a promotion) that same day. The position started this past Monday. If that’s not God’s hand at work, I don’t know what is.

All this came at a perfect time. After New Years, not only did my hours drastically drop but I have been expected to be on call. Which with a toddler, it is extremely hard to be on call. So, time and again, I found myself unavailable for various reasons when they would call me. After repeatedly getting upset over not being able to meet the requirements of the position, Kev and I sat down to talk.

Once he accepted the position, we decided that it was best for me to put my notice at the new place and go back to the other company. I knew there was something deep down that lead me to stay PRN when I left, and I believe we found this reason. By going back, still as PRN, it allows me to go back only 3 days a week for a while to see if it’ll  work for us. If I need to pick up another day or go back 5 days, that’s still an option. As would be dropping down a day or two if we should find fit.

While this would appear to be a step backwards, it is truly a step forward. The dream that was placed in my heart once we had our son, was to be a stay at home mommy. While I will still be working, I believe that we’re going in the right direction. My days home will out weigh the days that I am working.

As I put it to a friend, this is my God sized dream on it’s way to fruition.

I can’t wait for the journey to fulfillment.


What have you been learning?

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