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What I’ve learned

They’re the people I work for. Yes, I say I work at such-and-such company, but in all reality, the place I go is just a building. They’re the ones that pay my wages. They’re the reason I enjoy going in to “work.”

I say it that way because while I may call it work, it rarely feels like that at all. I get to spend my days with people who truly love unconditionally. I get to color, play cards, joke around, or just hang out with some pretty amazing people.

I work with people who have disabilities. A job I thought would allow me to impact this group of people. In reality, they’ve impacted me.

My clients have taught me what true acceptance is. They don’t care if you’re over weight, under weight or the perfect weight. They just care that you’re there.

These people I thought I was going to be able to minister to, they have ministered to me. Here I thought I would be showing them His love, but wrong again. They’ve showed me love like I couldn’t imagine.

A group made up of beautiful individuals have taught me how to free myself and just be me. Honestly, most times I wonder where I’m most me. Is it at home with my boys, or is it at work with my clients? I still don’t know.

This precious group inadvertently teaches me the fundamentals of life. Whether they mean to or not, there’s a new lesson learned from them each and every day. But they all yearn for the very same thing we do, companionship.

I hope and pray that the lessons I learn from the people I work with spills out onto those I interact with outside of work. Many of the traits they’re teaching me, I pray that I am able to instill in my child(ren).

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