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My Identity..

This is a subject that comes up here fairly frequently. That’s probably because it’s a journey that seems to never end for me.

I often find myself asking the question “who am I?”


That’s not just any generic question. It’s asking: who am I outside of my work? Who am I beside a wife? Who am I apart from mommy? Who am I outside of my friends? It’s asking, deep down, in the depths of me who was I created to be?

If I went based off everything that I’ve been told/known from my past some of them would include:
-a girl abused mentally and physically by a stepfather.
-a girl who could have made camouflaging a professional sport. That meaning I knew what each person that I was/should be and I became really good at playing each part.
-a daughter of a forever recovering alcoholic. That alcoholism lead to a consequence that still effects him, and us today.
-an awkwardly shy girl.
-the outcast
-the forgotten one
-the loner—or at least I appear to be.

These were the identities I claimed. The identities that I wore mostly out of obligation. Others were placed upon me, unwillingly. Few proudly.

I have news friends! These titles don’t have to define me. That list is not who I am.

That list is who Satan wants me to believe that I am. Sadly, I still into those traps. More often than I like to admit most times.

With each day, there’s a new chance, a new challenge. Today, am I going to walk in the shadows of the yesterday’s that haunt me? Or am I going to bask in the Son who has claimed me as His? Because really, that all relies on me, no one and nothing else.

Because of Him:
-I am now accepted
-I am seen
-I overcome daily
-I am learning to be me.

I am still on this journey. I still see nothing but a blank page when someone randomly asks me who I am, but I am not compelled to be or do anything that I don’t feel is right or that I’m not called to do.

In that, I find the sweetest freedom one could ask for.

3 thoughts on “My Identity..

  1. Amen sister! You are well on your way to being who HE crreated you to be!

    2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come The old has gone, the new is here!
    I am so thankful for this truth!

  2. Great word! I really liked where you said “or bask in the Son who has claimed me as his” really seems like no choice at all huh?!? Thank you for posting

  3. Hi Amy, loved reading your thoughts today. This is such a great question for all of us to ask: “Today, am I going to walk in the shadows of the yesterday’s that haunt me? Or am I going to bask in the Son who has claimed me as His?” amen. It is a daily decision we make whether we intend to or not. Praising God that you are able to see a blank page, because now He can go to work at filling it up with His truth! Praying for that for you!!

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