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Marvelous counting (42-80)

A couple weeks ago, I began sharing a journey with you. I started to count gifts. Not just the big gifts, but the seemingly insignificant, everyday gifts. The goal is 3 per day. Let’s continue, shall we?

42. TV shows that we both like
43. Sister who’s willing to buy some diapers.
44. Previous experience with stranger/separation anxiety
45. Clients that never disappoint when it comes to putting a smile on my face.
46. Cuddles between nap time and cuddle time.
47. Ability to show/feel love
48. Gift cards
49. OBS–made to crave study starting to take shape.

50. His promises being kept, long before I felt the need.
51. A relaxed pace at work
52. Bargain hunting with Angela at target
53. Nap time OYB catch up
54. Sister time–a way to help me wind down after upsetting news.
55. Andrew’s excitement over new toys
56. Friends who are willing to love on, pray for and challenge me trough the different phases of life.
57. Church sparking different ways to think/live
58. A child who’s growing and learning on pace or quicker than others his age.
59. Time spent with the hubby.
60. Unexpected work
61. Miracle estimate from the insurance.
62. Clients who talk/joke with me and help make the work day pass quickly.
63. Time with my adorable nephew

64. Picking up the check for his car
65. An honest husband–even when the truth is hard to hear and harder to say.
66. Laughing with my clients
67. Watching jake so Kev and his mom could go say good bye to an old friend
68. Warm covers
69. Blog hop Thursdays.
70. OT for Kevin to use as a way to leave early/recoup from an already long week.
71. Grocery shopping after work.
72. Ability to survive on one car.
73. Meeting with a friend just to talk and soak in each other’s company.

20140127-131159.jpg (no the toddler didn’t have coffee…he was just intrigued with the cup)
74. Seeing Rick before he left to live down south again.
75. Sleeping in (well, compared to normal)
76. A day of reading
77. Me time-after Andrew went to bed.
78. Over time to help cover us.
79. Courage to be completely honest.
80. Noticeable improvement.

Have you started a list? I’d love to shar in your joys with you!!


What have you been learning?

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