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3 weeks in…

…and 2014 has not been very good to us so far.

I think when I said “2014 can #BiteMe” it was taken as a challenge. See, that was on the 7th. By then we had learned that my hours a a job I had recently started were drastically cut as of the first of the year. Then I get a call from my lovely husband informing me he had been rear ended on his way home.

The good news–he was okay. No aches or pains to date. The bad news–his car was not.

I still cringe when I see this.

The best news, as my lovely sister put it, cars are replaceable, he is not.

God did what he does best, and gave us a miracle in the amount insurance valued his car. We expected a fight to get a decent amount. They called and all we could say was God is good.

Indeed He is.

Then on the 21st (exactly 2 weeks later) the day we’re to pick up the check, I get rear ended that morning with our son in the car. This time, the car isn’t damaged too badly, likely just needs a new bumper.


Unfortunately, it irritated my back and neck again. Just to the point of annoyance, not an aching, stabbing pain. Andrew seems unscathed.

Then later that day more bad news. While details we’re preferring to keep under hat right now, we would appreciate many prayers for guidance and big huge billboard signs. Even the preverbal 2X4, if that’s what it takes.

Even with all this I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this year will be magnificent. After all, we believe in a God who is known for His ability to take the beat down, worn out, broken and make it into something built up, filled in, whole.

So I have to choose to believe that all of these things going on shows us two things:
1. That we are right where God wants us to be. (why would satan be fighting so hard to knock us down if we weren’t?)
2. That God has something big in store for us. Something so big that we cannot see what is coming our way.

So I think more than just learning to see it in the things around me, I am going to have to intentionally choose to make this year


Weigh in Wednesday:
Last week: I was at 165.
This week I weighed in at 163.6.
Total lost in 2014 to date is 1.4lbs.

What have you been learning?

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