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You are invited

Monday marks the start of a remarkable study. One in which we learn to shift our cravings. One which we will learn to seek our Creator over our that which our flesh desires.

Made to crave came out if the authors journey through the Bible. Not jus any ‘ole journey. She purposely dug into the Bible searching. Searching for what words He had for her concerning how to view food.

This journey lead to an unbelievable understanding within herself. She learned where roots were planted. She learned the reasons behind why food was so tantalizing when certain situations arose. Most of all, she discovered that food was created to sustain our body, not to control it.

This is the journey that so many of us are venturing into next week.

Won’t you join us?

One thought on “You are invited

  1. So excited to see that you are doing the study too! I am very excited for this study and LOVE the Blog Hop Thursdays they will have going on. I feel the Lord has brought this to me at a time when I can be most receptive to dig deep into it and give Him glory through it. This is my first Proverbs31 Online Bible Study, so far, I’m very excited about all the resources they have available! It’s pretty cool!

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