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Magnificent Mondays (1-41)

I have challenged myself to restart my gifts list. In 2014 I’m shooting to record at least 3 gifts a day. To help with this, most Mondays I will be sharing my lists with you lovely friends.

1~the way my son’s face lights up when our eyes meet.
2~being able to watch Andrew walk his first gap (more than 1-2 steps)
3~my husband’s job–it provides for us and he enjoys it
4~partial snow days
5~working heat on blustery cold/snowy days
6~movies to entertain
7~healthy check ups
8~time with friends/family
9~daddy/son bonding

10~a husband who works an 11 hour shift and goes grocery shopping with me, then still does the dishes
11~inspiration to write 4 days straight on here
12~a full day with my boys
13~mom’s laundry room
14~hubby’s sweaters–they always seem so much warmer than my own
15~snowy Sunday mornings
16~a company who cares enough to close during bad weather
17~being able to have dinner done, coffee made, and a movie in to enjoy together when he was home after a hard day’s work
18~snowy day–relaxing enough to crochet

19~family breakfasts
20~afternoon naps
21~Kevin’s okay-even if his car isn’t-after a weather related accident
22~working heat and power
23~the mess–proving life is lived in this place
24~a warm shower
25~not burning bridges at the employer I left
26~friends that challenge and motivate me every day
27~friends that spoil me-just because they can
28~giggles that brighten my day
29~running water in the apartment again
30~early morning time with little guy before work
31~separation anxiety
32~finishing a book with a friend
33~insurance covering a rental car
34~family time at the mall
35~birthday dinner
36~my phone–a way to keep up with the ones I love
37~our church family
38~a warm bed to sleep in
39~catching up with friends
40~a well mannered toddler on a busy morning
41~simple meals that are tasty and filling

How about you friends? Are you counting your gifts?

What have you been learning?

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