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What makes a story?

Each of us has a story to tell. Often, it’s the intensity, the emotion, the realness of our story that engrossed people. In fact there are many authors out there who make their living off this very fact.

Let me ask you this, the stories that stick with us the most, impact us the hardest and make a lasting change, what makes them so special? Perhaps it’s relatable. Maybe it’s so bazaar. Then again, maybe it’s because there’s something bigger at work. Something more mysterious lurking beneath.

Let me share with you a gem that was shared with me:

It’s been a few weeks since hearing this phrase. Yet, anytime I take a gander at the notes I took on Christmas Eve, this simple message resonates. So easy to memorize. So hard to act on.

Tell me, what do you feel when you read this sentence? What does it motivate you to do? How can it impact the mundane parts of your life…your story?

What have you been learning?

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