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Books of ’14

I’ve never posted much about the books I read or plan to read, but I thought that since reading is such an easy way to make life more magnificent, that I would share a few on my list with you.

I’m on the last chapter of Not a Fan with a good friend. Supposed to be finishing it up this week. If you’re looking for a book to challenge your perspective, boy does this one do it.


Yesterday, I started a challenge that I’ve undertaken before. High hopes for this time around. With the right support I know I can make it through.


One of my closest friends and I have decided to investigate what I looks like to really choose to follow His plans and not our own. In order to do this we thought we’d check out one of Lysa Terkeurst’s books.


And lastly, a group of us are challenging our way of craving. We are looking at how to replace those cravings with healthy, Godly ways of satisfaction. Ironically enough, it’s another book written by Lysa.


I’m sure there will be more books to come and go in 2014, but these are the 4 I’m definitely looking forward to.

how about you? What books are you going to challenge yourself with? Or read for pleasure?

What have you been learning?

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