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Well hello there 2014

This year holds a lot for us.

New milestones, traditions and memories to be made. Changes are bound to happen, although no more job changes this year (hopefully), sadness striking is almost inevitable, and joys abound. Also chapters are likely to end.

So much happiness, a great amount of strength from above, and courage enough to take that first step in His direction. So many lessons are sure to lie before us. Some easy and fun to achieve. Others painful and sad. Few quickly ending. Most dragging out, seeming to go on without end.

Growing. Eyes opening. Seeking to have the senses to gain more understanding of who He is. To see Him in the mundane. To hear Him in the silent whispers. To feel Him everywhere that surrounds.

That is how to make things


The start of my #3aday2014 gifts list

1-the way lil man’s face lights up when our eyes meet.
2-being able to see Andrew walk his first gap (more than 1 or 2 steps)
3-my husband’s job–not only does it provide for us, but he thoroughly enjoys it.

How are you starting your new year ?

What have you been learning?

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