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The New Calendar

For Christmas, a colleague gave us a desktop calendar and a monthly planner. I kept looking at the blank, clean, uncluttered calendar and thinking, when does it become so busy?

Slowly that’s how.

Little by little we begin to add things to the calendar. We add in the birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and the like. Then comes the daily agendas. Everything from work (or days off from work), appointments (personal and family), commitments (be it business, personal, religious, ect).

After all those things are added in, our calendar is no longer clean, fresh, open. It becomes cluttered, used, worn and tattered. After each month is gone, we rip the page off from the rest and start the process all over again. Never giving a second thought to where that month went.

What would happen if we held on to those old, ratty pages? What if we wrote down all the big, life changing moments? As well as the seemingly small, not-so-significant ones?

How much different would 2014 look if we slowed down, if we took each day as a chance to make a difference in this world, if we decided to let every day be:


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