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Post Holiday Hole

The celebrations are done. They’re over. The hustle and bustle behind. It’s all a memory now.

But what memories will remain? Will they be good ones? Sour ones? Or just indifferent ones?

Oh this season was good to us. Extremely good. We are/were blessed beyond comprehension.

With everything said and done, there’s a hole. Sitting in the glow of the tree, tears brimming the eyes. And I’m not quite sure where to start with the feelings.

So much floating around in my mind. Making it hard to concentrate. Hard to decipher. Slower days ahead should help.

This post holiday hole leaves us with a feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction, and often grumpiness. Instead of favoring the good, the fun, the bonding, we walk away in a slump. Like all we want to do is break down, hide, or stay hidden away next time.

Is it our expectations that leave us feeling this way? The things people do/ say, or what they don’t do/say? Is it the commercialism? Or could it just be our current circumstances bring us down.

Yes, Christmas just ended, but why does our joy, our advent, our generosity, our attitudes have to change? Aren’t we called, as His followers, to always be gracious, generous, joyful, and loving? Why is it so easy to do this in the days that lay between thanksgiving and Christmas, only to return to the glum, apathetic, monotonous view on life that we had before?

My challenge for us is to treat every day as Christmas. In light of my last post, I am going to start completely over with my gifts list. Hoping to change my perspective, to keep every day as something new and exciting rather than old and boring. I’m going to take a page out of my own advice book and shoot for 3 gifts added to the list a day.

How about you? Do you need to keep a little bit of the holiday excitement in your heart everyday? What helps you to do this?

What have you been learning?

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