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One chapter ends….

And another begins.

Today, I closed a chapter in life.
Today, I say good bye to a job that has had it’s ups and it’s downs.
Today, I trade a familiar job for something different.
Today, marked the end of daily time spent with clients who I have invested in over the past 2.5 years….
…and they into me.
Today, a few people cease to be coworkers…
…and morph into friends.

Tomorrow will be spent thanking God for all He’s done in my life in the past year.

He’s brought my family together…to the point of weekly (almost) dinners together.
He has given me a new role, one I am still learning.
He’s allowed friendships to crumble, only to rebuild to be better, stronger.
He’s given new, deeper meaning to other relationships.
He’s allowed my Dad to not only meet, but have a strong bond with my son.
Although we still struggle, he’s blessed our marriage.
He’s given us a support system beyond our wildest dreams.
He’s added to our family two new lives in 11 short months.

This weekend, will be focused on family. Not just family by birth, but the family that is made up of friends. This weekend, is the start to an extremely holiday season. This weekend starts new traditions.

Saturday, my love celebrates his birthday. It will be our 8 one together. His first as a daddy.

Monday a new chapter opens.
I’ll walk into a new building. With new coworkers. With new clients. With a new role.

While similar to the chapter that closed this afternoon, I cannot wait to see what new ventures lie ahead. God’s keeping me in this field for a reason, and I look forward to the journey that I’m on.

With all that said.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

What have you been learning?

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