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4 Quadrants


Last night, at our small group we began discussing this diagram. 90% of the group stated they were in the cozy quadrant. A few in the stressful quadrant. Even less in the bored quadrant. And no one in the empowered quadrant.

I, myself, fell in with the few who said stressful. As I said last time, my life is lacking balance. As much as I thrive off of balance, I just can’t seem to get it yet. I find myself feeling like there is so much on my plate, yet I’m unable to control/remove any of it. Everything from being a wife, a mother, a full-time employee, and on and on.

I feel/hope/pray this stressful period is about ready to come to a head and then I’ll be able to move into the next season. All it is going to take is one step. One move. One transition. One that I see on the horizon. One that I am trying oh do hard to be patient to arrive.

Until then, I feel that prioritization is to be the tool I need to use. First needs to come my time with God. It doesn’t matter so much what it looks like, as long as it happens…daily. Next is my family, I need to remember to put them rich below God, or else time with them becomes shallow or unfulfilling. After that work, while I need to give my all to the place God has me, I also need to remember that God is who I am working for, not this around me.

I truly believe that if I can get those three things into perspective, then I will be able to get the rest of life into perspective as well. As for this blog, I’m not gonna stress about posting. When I have the urge to write I will write.

So that’s where I am right now.

2 thoughts on “4 Quadrants

  1. Hey friend! Long time, no…see? lol. I think I fall {at the moment} in the stressful quadrant, but I’m working on moving up to the empowered one. At the end of May we moved from Maryland to Nashville and my blogging also sort of…came to a standstill. I decided I’m going to let my ‘words’ rest until I am ready to type again. Hang in there! Read your post and remembered praying for your baby before he was a thought. God is good, huh? Have a great one today….

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