Consistency soon? Let’s hope.

It’s with sadness I realize my goal of consistently writing here is still far fetched. Everything that was on my plate is still there.


More amazing each day. Every day, a little more of his personality comes out. Each time I see him, I get a great big smile. Every few days, new words emerge. Oh and the sweetest, newest thing, blowing kisses. With the mmmmmuah sound and all. Oh how I love it.

Wifedom. I feel like I’m slacking, but my love says I’m doing well. So I guess I either need to change my viewpoint or I need to put a little more work work in so I feel I’m doing well too. More to come on that.

Employee. For each of us, when it comes to where we’re working, there comes a time when you just know its time to start looking. For me, it’s becoming more evident each passing day. So I’ll continue putting in apps, believing beyond a shadow of a doubt that God will put/keep me where he wants me. For now, I will go in each day, give my clients my all and do the job to the best of my abilities.

Child of God. Getting better. Not where I want to be, but better. Baby steps. They might not get me anywhere fast, but they’ll create concrete habits.

This could go on and on forever if I listed each and every title/section of life. If I were to put it into one word, that word would probably be exhausted.

Over the next several weeks/months, I plan to make baby steps to help with that. The first one is going to be spiritually. While I am doing better, I need more consistency. Hello mornings has helped SO much this time around. I need to focus more here, especially in the prayer aspect.