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Where has time gone. It feels like just yesterday I was in the hospital with my husband and my sister. All of us anxiously awaiting an arrival. The arrival we’d all been preparing for.

And oh what an arrival it was.


It’s already been 6 months. The little one who couldn’t even recognize us by sight is now able to do so. Not only that but he’s STOKED when he sees us. We may or may not be having slight problems with separation anxiety. 😉


This child who could only move by us picking him up and carrying him is rolling and scooting himself everywhere.

The little man who was completely dependent on us…for everything, is already gaining whatever independence he can.

Six months ago, our lives were interrupted, in the best possible way.

Six months ago, love exploded into our life in only a way a child can bring it.

Six months ago, our family was even more complete.

Six months ago, we realized just how deep love and amazement can go.


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