Today we say an unexpected good bye. To a man who needed few words. Though he didn’t speak much, when he did, they impacted many. We say good bye to a man who was a rock for many. A man who was so capable of showing love by simply giving a smile your way. His compassion for others not measurable. How do I know these things of a man I’ve only spoken to a handful of times?  Because I saw it in his actions. I hear it in the words others have shared of him. The stories friends have shared.

As we look back, I see a missed opportunity on my end. The chance to know and learn from a wise man. So many times I walked passed him at church we’d exchange a smile, an acknowledgement of the other.

Barry, although we didn’t speak often, the impact you have made on my life has been more than you’ll know. You’re impact on those around you is greater than anyone can even explain. Even to those to whom you didn’t speak. We will realize many times over at exactly what you’re passing will change in our lives.

Our comfort is this: knowing you are out of pain. Even more, knowing you are sitting in Glory just waiting for those you love to join you. 

Barry, you were a great man. You will be missed by many.


…has there been a lot going on around here.

In the past month we have had quite a few milestones come along in life.

First, our dear little one celebrated (err…well hit) his six month birthday. It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital anxiously awaiting that sweet face to appear. Now, he is the happiest, most handsome, strange-but-perfect mix of his dad and me. He is attempting to army crawl…right now it just looks like he’s swimming on the floor. He has mastered sitting, but not how to get to or out of the sitting position on his own. He says mama, dada, baba, papa, and has started waving bye bye.

The last couple months, a friend and I had decided to take a break from our weekly meetings. Feeling, perhaps, that phase of our relationship was done. Little did we know that God had bigger plans and it was truly, just a short break. I am extremely excited to start meeting with her again. God works in mysterious ways.

Just this week, I started a different position. The same company. The same job title. A different function of the job. I am now working 8a-4p. The hubs works 8a-5p so my 1p-9p shift just wasn’t working anymore. I’d been looking for a solution to this issue, and little did I know that a transfer would be all it took. I am still able to see 3-5 of the 8 clients I had been working with almost every day. The best part of it all? I AM FINALLY ON DAYS!

Over the last six months, we have been a part of a team who has set out to plant a church later this summer. So Sundays have been church filled, both the church which we have been attending (Level 13) for several years and then the meetings for the new church (Impact Community). It’s crazy to think that this last Sunday, June 23 marked the last Sunday that those of us committed to ICC would be joining the L13 body in community worship for a while. What a service it was too. Now, we are just six weeks out from launch and that just seems insane to me. I am excited yet overwhelmed all at the same time.

And now to end, pictures of his progress from birth to current…

Just born

Just born

One month

One month

Two months

Two months

Six months

Six months

This was taken today

This was taken today


Where has time gone. It feels like just yesterday I was in the hospital with my husband and my sister. All of us anxiously awaiting an arrival. The arrival we’d all been preparing for.

And oh what an arrival it was.


It’s already been 6 months. The little one who couldn’t even recognize us by sight is now able to do so. Not only that but he’s STOKED when he sees us. We may or may not be having slight problems with separation anxiety. 😉


This child who could only move by us picking him up and carrying him is rolling and scooting himself everywhere.

The little man who was completely dependent on us…for everything, is already gaining whatever independence he can.

Six months ago, our lives were interrupted, in the best possible way.

Six months ago, love exploded into our life in only a way a child can bring it.

Six months ago, our family was even more complete.

Six months ago, we realized just how deep love and amazement can go.