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RTW: Wholeness

Pursuing it with our whole being. This craving. This journey. This race. It’s all we live for. It’s what we’ve come to desire more than anything. It has become our entire focus. It is what drives us day in and day out. We just want to be whole.


If there’s one thing that many, if not all of us want out of this life it is having a sense of wholeness. Unfortunately, I believe with all that I am, the wholeness that we seek, will not happen on this side of Heaven. I do believe that God will complete the work He has started in us because of this promise in Philippians 1:6:

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

So I ask this. In what do we seek wholeness? Perhaps it’s our jobs. Maybe it’s our family. Could it be we look for it in our material/monetary worth and/or security? How about in our circle of friends? Our position in the church? Why is it we seem to look for it in every place besides the one place that it can be found. In the arms of our creator. 

So I encourage you to ask yourself, are there places I run to thinking l will be able to find the wholeness I so deeply desire? What do I need to concentrate on when I am feeling broken, beat down, or anything besides completely whole?

So friends, will you join me in running toward the arms of our Father? To run to Him to find our completeness? Run into His arms and discover what it finally means to be whole?

What have you been learning?

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