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RTW: Lifetime

I wake up today…well for the day…to celebrate. You see, it’s been four years since I vowed my life to the man I love. It’s been for years since I said forever and always. Four years ago I officially became Mrs. Kevin McCollister. This was us four years ago:


It’s been quite a journey over the past four years. We’ve laughed a lot. We’ve had our struggles and trials. Many of them being in the last 12-16 months. If I could go back in time, I’d do it all again. Including all the bad times because it has just made us stronger and given us perspective in the good times. The end of last year, our lives changed forever. This is the last picture of us as a childless couple in december:


The next day, we met our little boy. Our joy in life. If it hadn’t been for all those ups and downs we’ve experienced, I’m sure that we wouldn’t be where we are now and I know that we wouldn’t have him:


In four years we went from newlyweds to new parents. With hills along the way. I can honestly say, I would not change a thing.

I love you Kevin!
I love the life we have together.
I love watching you with our little Andrew.

As you said this morning:
That was a quick four years. Heres to many more…


So friends. With all the brokenness in this world. In marriages. In families. I am running to honor God in this lifetime. To  keep my marriage and family whole. I’m running to spend a lifetime with my guys. These two and, God willing, another kiddo…maybe two. As well as being the best daughter, sister and friend that I can be. To live my lifetime glorifying God in all I do. With every choice I make. With every milestone we meet.

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