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Running towards what?

It’s nearing running season. A time when many begin to work on themselves. They want to get healthier, to train themselves to be stronger, to push themselves, to see exactly what their body can handle. My question is this. What are we running for? Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

This season, I, like many of you, have goals to get in shape. I have even considered taking up running as a way to achieve that goal. But then I started thinking…what is it I’m running towards. In every area of my life?

I want to start running to strengthen my entire body. To strengthen my core. To tone my legs. I want to train my body to run in hopes that it will become something that I love to do. Something that will clear my head. Something that allows me to connect with my Creator.

I am running toward completion. I’m running to gain complete control over my emotional state. Running to not allow them to control my mind, my mood, my attitude, or my perspective on life. With things coming up, this is going to be easier said then done.

I’m running toward trust. Trusting God with all that may come. I’m running toward a clearer thought pattern. I’m running to learn to decipher the lies and cling to the truth. In running to declutter my mind in efforts to better hear the voice of my savior.

I’m running to contentment. I’m running to appreciate all that He has given me. I’m running to complete, utter, undeniable reliance on the One who carries me. I’m running into His shelter. I’m running toward an intimacy that I’ve never known before. I’m running toward a life of unabashed surrender. I’m running to complete trust and dependence on the Creator of all things.

How am I going to get to where I want to be? By keeping my eye on the prize. How long is this going to take? That I can’t say. For some it will be a short sprint. For others, a marathon. The one thing I do know is this:

when I reach each of these victories, it will be a sweet, sweet thing.

So I ask you today friend, if you are COMPLETELY honest with yourself, what is it you are running towards?

What have you been learning?

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