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Today marks…

Three months since our little man was born. I’m absolutely enjoying being a mom. As each day goes by I’m falling harder and harder for our son. I love when he “holds my hand” (aka finger) while he’s sucking down a bottle. The way he smiles when I attack his cheeks with kisses. How he talks to his papa almost every time he sees him. When he laughs with daddy. How he giggles and gets super excited while playing on his play mat.

I love all of this. But it’s getting harder and harder. Harder and harder to say goodbye to go to work. Harder and harder to enjoy working when in the depths of my heart I want to be with him more. To see each step of his progress firsthand.

I believe that one day the need for me to work out of the house full time will come to an end. That one day the longing I have to be a mom who’s with her child(ren) more than she is away from them. That one day, even if I can’t be a full time SAHM, I will be able to go to something part time. Or better yet, something I can do from home.

I love that little guy and I am confident that those who have him while I work love him as well. And I’m sure that he enjoys his time with them as much as they enjoy theirs with him. There’s still that ache within. The age that draws me to be at home with him.

Soon it will be time to look. Look into something that has more favorable hours. With the start of a good job for the hubs this week, I know I need to find something that will coordinate well with his job.

The other day, talking to a friend who has a daughter that is 4 days older than little man, I made an observation. Our little ones are a quarter of the way through their first year. It made it seem so long. Yet so short at the same time.

A quarter of a year. It’s so hard to believe. That short amount of time has changed our lives forever. That amount of time has brought closeness to relationships that had long since been strained.

In three months dreams have intensified. In three months priorities have changed. In three months life has reshape. In three months you have changed in many ways. In three months growth from everyone around has skyrocketed.

It’s only been three months. A quarter of a year. A tiny fraction of time. In which great things have been started.

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