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{FMF} Bare

Linking up today with over 200 other writers. Each week Lisa Jo selects a prompt. A one word prompt. Then we write. We write blindly for five minutes. It’s always fun to join in, write my post, link up, then visit other writers. Some of my nearest and dearest friends have grown out of a FMF discovery. Won’t you join us?



Baring my heart is something I strive for here. As of late, there’s not been a whole lot going on. Well not at least inspiration wise for this little home of mine.

The bare naked truth is, there has been a lot going on outside of this comfort zone. If I’m honest, a lot of it drains me. To the point that by the time I get my day started, I’m already exhausted. Even more so by the end of the day. Not leaving a whole lot of time for things I loved before.

I love being a mother. I love having a son. I love co-parenting with my husband. The one downside is that I find myself missing some of my old friends. My old hobbies that I used to have so much time for.

Things like my crocheting, reading, and yes, my writing. By the time I even sit down to look into this little home of mine, my mind is bare. Left with nothing more to give. Even now, my brain just feels all used up.

Leaving my heart bare on the page. Yes, that is what the point of each and every post that I write on here. Do I get into a groove, where I cannot stop talking about the same thing in every post? You bet I do. I believe that’s okay…because at least I’m being real. I’m bearing my soul.

I have missed baring myself to you, my reader, my friend. I truly have. Hopefully soon, I will find the energy to do so again.


4 thoughts on “{FMF} Bare

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart. It can be hard to talk about being bare, and I think many of your readers myself included can remember seasons of feeling this way. I can tell you are very thankful for the blessings that keep your life full, and very busy. You have reminded me to treasure each day, as I know that the years with my little ones will pass very quickly.

  2. My friend, take it from a mom of three who are much older now…it gets better. 😉 Hang in there, but most of all…enjoy your time with your lil’ one. Trust me on this…the time flies by, and before you know it, he’ll be playing with friends and you’ll be the ‘boring’ choice. 😀 Great post!

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