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Goal refresh–part 2 {CMA}

Last week I shared on my physical goals for the year. This included my goals for weightloss and for eating. I finished with a promise of sharing my emotional, mental and spiritual goals this week.


So here it goes…

Since its the glue that binds the rest together, lets zoom in on the spiritual. On January 1st, my church started going through the one year Bible. We’re calling this journey reflect. I plan to occasionally write a blog post covering my reflections from the reading.

So far, I have been reading when I can, rather than at a consistent time each day. Which, honestly, is a huge improvement to what I was doing before. With 6 week old, I have kind of found that to be easiest. I’m not one to think what’s easiest is best though. You see, by doing it when I can, I don’t make the time for praying like I want to, I don’t usually have my worship music going, nor do I reflect on what I just read. All of these things I want to make part of my daily routine.

Once again, I am participating in the next session of HelloMornings. It starts Monday. I crashed and burned when it came to establishing a routine last session. I am praying for this to be different this time. It’s too important to continue on without it. On their blog, the crew has been going through a series on transforming a night owl into a HelloMornings participant. It has been great! Each post is full of great tips and tricks.


My goals for the session that starts on Monday are to:

  1. Get up no later than 9am (after my son’s mid-morning feeding)
  2. Start my quiet time with my prayer journal
  3. Followed quickly by some worship time
  4. Finishing up with bible study and reflection time.

By getting these things in place, I am hoping that this will also help me conquer many of my struggles. Including the deep rooted struggles with insecurity.

What methods work best for your quiet time?

What have you been learning?

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