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New year, refreshed goals {CMA}

Well friends, it’s that time again. We’re restarting Count Me Accountable with a link-up at MustLoveGod. Every Thursday a group of us write about the ways we want to better our lives. Not only that but we list specific goals, and weekly we update each other on what’s going on. We’d love to have you join us (just follow the link above).


Count Me Accountable. As much as I loathe it. I have also come to love it. So off I go.

All of my adolescence and adult life thus far has been spent being overweight, constantly tired, and completely insecure. After getting off to a great start by changing my eating habits and walking at least 3 days a week, I was able to go from 190 down to 174 from the start of January through the end of March. This was astronomical for me. As I had never been able to find an effective way to lose the excess weight and keep it off.

This, however, was when the game had to change for me. Two days after posting this lowest weight, I took a test. A life changing test. Two days after this milestone, I discovered that some bigger changes were taking place. I discovered that I was pregnant. I had to focus more on mental, emotional and spiritual more so than the weight side of physical.

This year, I feel like I’m starting new. I weighed in this morning at 179lbs. I am proud of this though. It would have been extremely easy to just have not cared, and gained a large amount of weight through the journey that is pregnancy. Without this community, that would have been exactly what I would have done.

My plan was to go back to my eating habits from before. This was supposed to start this past Monday. That didn’t happen quite as easily as I hoped. However, I have drastically cut back, almost completely eliminated pop and other sugary drinks, as well as candy and other sugars.

My plan is to completely eliminate all the sugary drinks and the sugar-filled foods by February 1st. After that, I will see where I am at, and evaluate what needs to go next.

Next week, we’ll dig into the other areas that I’m going to be working on improving. The spiritual side which is going to be the most important for me in this journey of motherhood, let alone life. As well as the Emotional and mental goals I have. Which, if the spiritual goals are in line, the other ones should fall into place naturally.

So friends, I ask, are you in?

3 thoughts on “New year, refreshed goals {CMA}

  1. This is my first time stopping by count me accountable… You have quite a list and you are well on your way… eliminating sugar is HARD… I am still working on that..
    Staying in God’s word and in constant fellowship with Him is a desire I have for 2013!
    I have a one word – JOY and God is showing me daily how to have Joy, share Joy, live with JOY! I am thankful that His mercies are new every morning. So when I mess up… I can pick myself up and start again!!

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