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Another year gone

Has another year come and gone already? 2012 held a lot, I mean a lot, of heart ache. For myself, my family and countless others in my circle. From miscarriages, to loss of loved ones (both expected and spontaneous), to fractured relationships, to heartbreak of all sorts. Despite all that, there was an incredible journey going on within me. Not just the one that lead up to our precious baby boy, but a journey that has begun to transform me.

Inside and Out

You know those prayers, those dangerous prayers that scares the dickens out of us to pray? The ones that everyone warns against praying? Yeah, me too. Let’s say 2012 held many of those prayers in my life. While the answers that came to them were scary, the answers brought about a beauty that one could have never have dreamed about.

If you were around for the journey the past year, let me say this: THANK YOUYour prayers, love, support and encouragement was and is more appreciated than I can even begin to explain. I love each and every one of you so much. 2013 has some great stuff in store, I’d be so blessed to have you continue this journey with me.

If you’re newer around here welcome and thank you for stopping by! I would encourage you to go back and read up on some of the posts from last year. The ones on my one word “limitless” from last year contain most of the big events from the past year.

With all the progress made last year, there’s still a lot left to be done. Particularly in one area. That area is trust. I went into a little more of that in this post describing my word for this year.

As I venture out to learn how trust is going to grow within me, I hope that each of you will help me through this journey. I don’t expect it to be easy. I don’t expect it to happen completely over night…or even come near completion this year, but I know it will be a good start. A start of a freeing journey.

I pray you’ll join me.

What have you been learning?

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