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What Are You Saying?

Social media can be a great asset for us to connect with others around us. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, all offer unique ways to connect with each other. These tools are great, when used properly and put in the proper perspective in the overall big picture of this thing we call life.

My question is this: How do we, as Christians, use these tools effectively to reach out to those around us? Do we use them the same way those who aren’t followers use them? Or do we use them with a goal of shining Christ’s light to those around us?

While social media is a great way to update others on the recent events of our lives. A method of connecting with others who have similar tastes and hobbies. An amazing means to encourage one another, how often do we think twice before putting up a frustrated status or tweet, posting a picture of a pet peeve of ours, pinning pictures of actors/actresses?

I have a feeling that if we’re really, truly, gut honest with ourselves…and others, we rarely think twice.

I can’t help but stop and wonder what our unbelieving friends think when they pop into our Pinterest page and see that the most recent pins we’ve made are of houses and items we wish we had…more than wish, we dream about. What about those days when all we post are images of our favorite actors, actresses, or athletes…a good majority of them in less than PG clothing.

What if someone clicks into our facebook or twitter accounts? Will they see status updates, pictures, interactions with others that glorify Christ? Or will they see nothing but complaining about the bad, and bragging on ourselves when things are going well?

On instagram, do we use it to catalog our 1,000 gifts and the good things God has given us. Or do we use it to show off our latest and greatest acquisitions. Whether it be objects, clothing, or the like?

As we continue on into 2013, I am challenging myself to be more aware of the types of things I am posting. I am wanting to use social media more wisely than I have in the past. Rather than boosting myself, my ego, and my feelings, I want to use them to exalt Him, His name, and His plans.

How about you? Do you have any plans/desires for social media this year?


2 thoughts on “What Are You Saying?

  1. Honestly, I pray that when people see my facebook, Twitter and blog, they see Jesus. Ones who knew me will see what Jesus has done and the ones who are new friends will see what Jesus is doing and what He is going to do.

    And hey….If it wasn’t for social media and Jesus we would have never met. And we would not have shared the last 1.5 years together. Gotta love Twitter!!!!!

    • Oh friend, that’s my prayer too. I’ve been finding myself logging into a couple sites and seeing some things posted by friends and just feel something within me ask “is this the message that we (as a whole) want to send?” Its been almost a week now and it was still on my mind.

      Oh I wasn’t trying to say social media was bad, just challenge ourselves to think twice before we post. Thanks to social media, I have made several good friends that my life wouldn’t be the same. Yourself included.

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