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Little Man

Almost through the first week of December 2012. The counting down the days until the due date are over, now we’re counting up the days we’re going past the dew date. While we know he’s coming in his own good time, we’re both getting a little anxious to meet our little man.

We were doing fairly well until false labor sent us to the hospital with a false alarm on Monday of last week. We drove home from the hospital a little down and much, much more impatient for the day he does decide to grace our lives with his arrival.

Then we thought for sure, by comments that my doctor had made at my appointment Wednesday of last week, that we were going in the hospital yesterday at least awaiting his arrival if not finally able to meet him. That changed with the last appointment on Monday. She didn’t want to higher our risk of any possible complications, which we appreciated.

Then as it turned out, it was better that we weren’t going into the hospital yesterday, as it gave us the opportunity to go be with his family in their time of need. So while we did spend our day off together sitting in the waiting room of a hospital, it wasn’t for the reason we thought it would be. We wouldn’t change the fact that our family was able to say good bye to a family member and not feel torn between being there with him or across town with us.

Andrew knew we needed to be there for our family. As soon as I realized why the “plans” kept falling through, there was this amazing peace that settled in.

As yesterday was our due date, so it’s not like we’re really far over. However, both the hubs and I are ready to meet our little guy. We know that his arrival will help transform tears of sadness for several people close to us into tears of joy.

We do know we don’t have any more than a week. As my doctor has already said she won’t let us go past 41 weeks. We have an appointment on Monday if he’s still being stubborn and we’ll know more from there. So little man, whenever you’re ready, we’re ready for you. And so is everyone else.

What have you been learning?

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