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{Day 18} From Failure to Forgiven

If you’re joining me from my Count Me Accountable post over at Must Love God, welcome! If you’re stopping here first, I’m glad to have you. Today I’m going to mix the running 31 days series of relabeled with my CMA update. This one and the one over at MLG are completely different posts, I hope you’ll join me in both places today.

To the nitty gritty.

Back in August, I started with an amazing group of women on a challenge called hello mornings. The purpose of this challenge is to make mornings count. To get up, spend time with God, exercise and get the day off to the best start possible. Instead of feeling rushed, it is meant to give meaning to the day. To realign priorities.

I was going strong, going well, for a good 4-6 weeks. Then several things hit, almost simultaneously. The third trimester started (the inconsistent sleep and all), my work schedule went a little wacky (and still is) and my energy seemed to evaporate all over night. No matter what the reasons excuses I hate to say that I’m at least 2 weeks behind on the 1 Peter Kept Study that I started in August.

I’m not doing too well with a sleep schedule. Part of that is due to working splits 3-4 days a week, part of it is due to waking up to reposition several times a night, and another part is simply laziness, not finding the motivation to get up each morning. I know being pregnant is a legitimate reason for a lot of things. However, I do not want to be able to get away with it.

It has been my goal from the start to not use my pregnancy as an excuse to get out of things, a reason for allowing certain things, or letting it stop me from enjoying things that I love to do. While in many areas, this goal has been an easy one to keep. The areas I’m having issues with allowing it to become an excuse for not getting done what I set out to do is in my quiet time, and in my house keeping.

want to keep up on both of these things. So my goal as I set out this week is to get at least one area in our townhouse cleaned up and organized each day, even if it’s only a corner, it’ll be a start. As well as to at least keep up with my youversion plan of reading 1 chapter from the new testament each day.

How about you? What are your goals this week? Share in the comments here, or join us over at Must Love God and link up your own post with us there.

Blessings friends.

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