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{Day 11} From Heartbroken to Hopeful

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll probably remember the potentially dream shattering news my husband and I received. If not, you can read about it here. The news hit my heart and it hit it hard. After that, I had a couple weeks of heart to heart conversations with God, and a lot of surrender mixed within those. Within a month we found out about a miracle on the way.

Terrified, I informed my husband. Yes, I said terrified. Why? Because in the 3 months leading up, we had already experienced one miscarriage, and I don’t think I’d been able to survive another one. Terrified because I wasn’t quite sure how the hubs would react. I mean, I figured he’d be excited…eventually. Once he knew, he was excited, which made me feel 10 times better.

We had planned on waiting a while before we told anyone. Ya know,just in case. Well…we were too excited and ended up telling almost every one fairly quickly. Which again, reassured me that this was going to be it. That at the end of this pregnancy we wouldn’t be holding heartbreak any longer, we would have in our arms, our first child.

The weeks have come and gone fairly easily. Now we’re 8(ish) weeks out and gearing up for our little boy to come. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, we had the privilege of having maternity shots taken. My younger sister did a great job.

Here’s how the heartbreak has turned into hope for us:

Don’t you just love the fountain?

My favorite picture we took.

Momma and son

This pic was awkward to take but turned out adorable

Momma, Andrew, and the photographer

Kevin giving a glimpse into his personality…yes, a little goofy

Kisses, kisses


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