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{Day 8} From Dead to Alive

So often I feel like this is a description that is far over used. It’s almost become a cliche. However, the more I reflect on what this whole thing is about…this living for Christ, I can’t help but keep coming back to this: Before I accepted Him and repented, my heart, mind and soul was in fact dead. Dead to the promises of eternity. Dead to the beauty around me. Dead to the miracles that happen daily. All in all, dead.

When we discover the goodness of who He is, fully accept His sacrifice on the cross, and commit our lives to Him, we are no longer dead. Something inside awakes within us. Not just within us, but something wakes us up. Our eyes are opened to new colors, new wonders, and new experiences.

Soon after the newness of it all fades away and we find ourselves in a rut. We know we’re saved, we know He is good, and we know He hasn’t changed or moved, but we just don’t seem to have the excitement we had at first. Soon after the dead feeling seems to be creeping back in to us, into our hearts, into our lives.

So what happened?

Could it be we let the world get to us again? Or maybe we forgot that by accepting His love, grace and mercy that meant we gave Him control, and we took back control? Then again, maybe we forgot that part of accepting Him means changing our habits? It means taking time out to dwell with Him…yeah, I’ve been there too.

So friends, choosing life over death is something we must do minute by minute. We must choose to not only focus on Him, but to dwell with Him in all we do. So let’s make that our challenge as we go about our lives, shall we?

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