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{Day 6} Musical Interlude

As you are aware, I’ve started a 31 days series on relabeling ourselves in order that we might get a better idea of who God created us to be.

Well, it’s almost 8 p.m. and I haven’t written today’s post yet. For good reason, too. You see, I left my house around 10 a.m. yesterday morning. Silly me, forgot to write today’s post ahead of time. Today, my best friend/accountability partner married the love of her life. So being 8 months pregnant and in the wedding…my brain is kind of fried…okay maybe that’s an understatement.

So I’ve decided today, I’m going to post a couple songs that have really hit a chord with me when it comes to rediscovering exactly who I was made to be.

This first song, I listened to when I got home from the wedding. The lyrics are so fitting. Not only for the symbolism of Christ to His people, but also for the commitment that two people make when they get married.

This next song, I have loved for a long time. It reminds me that as long as I am being who He made me to be, I will be free. Being free and undone is the safest thing to be.

This last song is one that is welcoming us to realize that the only one who is perfect is our Abba Father. This is a song that encourages us to embrace the changes He brings to our hearts and lives.

3 thoughts on “{Day 6} Musical Interlude

    • Thanks friend! Hanging in there. A little tired tonight. But it was totally worth it to be there to see two of my closest friends commit forever to one another. Resting up tonight and tomorrow for the week!

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